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"America's Funnest Band." - Ryan Woodland, The Refreshments

"...strangely intoxicating and addictive..." - Ron Hartman, The Chronicle

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Original Funk / Rock / Soul

Sweet is a Banana.

N' is the King of the Pineapples.

Juicy is a Strawberry.

They just want you to party.

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Notable Upcoming Performances:

2.1.24 thru 5.18.24 - Spring Break Tour (National Tour)

6.9.24 - Richland, WA - Tri-Town Get Down 
6.22.24 - Oakridge, OR - Mountain Bike Oregon 

Notable Previous Performances: 

2022 & 2023 - Oregon Country Faire - Veneta, OR
7.16.22 - Bellingham Budfest - Bellingham, WA

7.10.22 - Cirque Du Soleil Cast Party - PRIVATE

Images by Rose City Review
Logo by Alison Stauth

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