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3.13.23 Update: Album Release, First 7 Week Tour, and Good People.

From Left to Right: Sweet, Laura, N', Banana Lady, Juicy // Photo by Julia Walsh

I'm sitting in a Grange Hall that we call home from time to time somewhere in the large chiseled canyons of greater Silicon Valley. A small walk today proved that much of the surrounding area's wetlands are still full of strange waters, and as a result the flowers are heavy, the air is humid, and the clouds are dramatic. It's a far cry from the usually desert air here away from the sea.

This place has no shower, some hot water, and toilets that require careful sitting- else the seat falls off, and you with it. It's the perfect place to rest for two days before finishing our first seven week tour, and first breach into Arizona territories. There the desert was as cold as it was dry, and full of strange plants and animals. Most strange and beautiful are the saguaros, who watch over the desert with a beautiful and poignant patience. It takes 50 years before they can grow an arm to shade their eyes. The desert makes them earn it.

Saguaro Cacti in Tucson, AZ

Fruit are largely impatient creatures. If we don't reach a waiting mouth soon we're prone to rot, and if we're approached before we're ready you can expect bitterness. For us, dues feel hardest earned through patience and gathering.

This tour offered us both a complete frenzy and rest and relaxation, mostly thanks to folks like Bill Paresa and Erin Miller who dialed us into their worlds for weeks at a time. We're fortunate to have such an incredible road family. It's the only thing that makes touring work. If we didn't have folks help us out, we would be dead on the side of the highway.

Later this year we're heading to Montana and Idaho in June. It's a year of expanding, adventure, and new opportunities to make friends. Expanding our road family, if you will, and putting miles on the van. With those expansions we'll be playing in Six states most likely twice a year.

But for now we're just working on making sure the toilet seat doesn't fall off. 6 more nights until we can sleep in our own fruit bowls for over a week. We can see our friends, eat at our restaurants, and drink the water we're used to. Probably catch up on mail, too. How long of a tour must it be before you consider getting a PO box in a few places? Questions for another time.

If you've made it this far here's a sucker. Heck, here's another one. Don't tell your mom I gave it to ya. You have value and are worth happiness. Go love somebody.

- Juicy

South Bay wilderness after flooding

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